To make reservations for the activity center or Farley Room,
contact the Oblong Public Works office at 618-592-3122.

Revised 4-4-07

Municipal Building Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday Telephone: 618-592-3122 or 618-592-3321.

Rates for the Activity Center: $30.00 per event
$60.00 per event for commercial use & Wedding Reception
$10.00 per event for the Farley Room, $25.00 per event for commercial use.

For the Activity Center only there is a deposit of $35.00 for non-commercial and $100 for commercial/wedding reception required when you reserve the room. Deposit must be paid within five (5) working days from when you reserve the Activity Center.

During business hours there is no charge for a room unless a person or group wants the room exclusively for their own use.
Funeral Dinners: No Charge - Donations are welcome.
Blood Drive: No Charge.
Library: No Charge.
Sport Sign-ups: No Charge.
Benefit Dinners: No Charge.

1. Keys will be picked up the same day as meeting and returned by the next day, or picked up on Friday for Saturday or Sunday and returned the following business day.
2. Payment is required when key is picked up unless otherwise arranged.
3. No minors will rent the building.
4. No food or drink in the Farley room,& tables must be covered for Arts & crafts.
5. NO ALCOHOLIC Beverages allowed on village property.
7. Please pick up furniture when moving.
8. No defacing area outside the building. NO graffiti on windows inside or outside.
9. The person or persons renting the building will be responsible for building and contents from the time the building is unlocked until it is locked again.
10. Check restrooms and empty trash before leaving.
11. You may bring dish towels, or use ours and wash & return them as soon as possible.
12. The building must be left as found. If beverages are spilled, those using the building are expected to mop it up. All food, paper and garbage must be put in dumpster immediately.
13. The village is not responsible or liable for any accidents in the building or on village property. Hold harmless the Village of Oblong for any Accidents, or injuries occurring on the village property.
14. Any violation of the above rules automatically revokes your privileges of re-renting the building at the discretion of the village board in the future.
15. You may set up the day or night before at no extra charge, if kitchen is used during setup you will be charged for another day.
16. Deposit will be returned up to two weeks before the rental date after that it belongs to the Village.
17. You can book the facility for the next year starting the first business day in December.
18. Village employees and trustees have to pay deposit too.
19. Any non profit organization wanting to use the building on a regular basis must come before the board for approval.
20. Any non profit organization - Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H in Oblong Township and/or Oblong School District may use the building without charge. If it can be rented, they will have to meet a different night. Unless it is reserved for a benefit dinner.
21. The use of the Farley Room is free to all Village of Oblong Board Meetings, Committee Meetings and Oblong Township Meetings.


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