Village Board of Trustee's

Jeron Harris

Keith Waldrop

Billy Burke

David Hasty

Jay Haines

Angie Fear








Finance: Jeron, Dave, Jay

Police: Jay, Dave, Billy

Building & Park: Keith, Angie Billy

Water & Sewer: Dave, Jeron, Angie

Street & Alley: Angie, Jay, Keith

Sidewalks & Lights: Billy, Jeron, Keith

Development/Ordinances: Billy, Dave, Keith

The Village of Oblong operates under a Mayor/Trustee form of government. Members of the Village Board consist of a Mayor and six Trustees who are elected at-large for overlapping terms of four years. As the policy-making body of the Village, the Board approves ordinances and adopts resolutions. The Village Clerk, keeps all official records and maintains minutes of all Board meetings. The Village Board meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 5 PM, in the Farley Room,
Village of Oblong Municipal Building,
202 South Range Street.


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