The New Oblong Lake

On the following pages you will see many photos of the
Oblong Lake Project form start to almost complete. It will never be complete, as they are always doing something to improve it.

On September 15, 1997 John Collings moved his equipment in to start the
digging phase of the lake project.





September 15, 1997
John Collings moves his equipment to the Lake site and starts the cleaning process. Three large cats, one trac- hoe, and four dump trucks were used. They hauled the sediment across the road at the south end of the dam and dumped in a ravine, that had been prepared by John, to hold the mud and water. A cat was used at dump site to keep the sediment piled and the road open for the dump truck. The trucks were loaded by the trac-hoe with a cat being used to push the mud to the large hoe. Up to 200 loads a day were hauled from the lake to the dump site. Roads were built, with dry clay, on the bottom of the lake so the trucks could stay off the blacktop road around the lake. John and his crew worked six days a week, while many watched from the shoreline as the Lake took shape.

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