The New Oblong Lake

On the following pages you will see many photos of the
Oblong Lake Project form start to almost complete. It will never be complete, as they are always doing something to improve it.

November 25, 1997
John Collings finishes with the lake and shoreline shaping and informed the committee the mountain of mud that was removed would take two years to dry. The valve was shut and the Lake was ready to be refilled by rain water.

North end of lake 

February 1998

West end sediment trap March 1998

Installing the new walk way bridge

Installing the new walk way bridge

May 7, 1998, Stocking of the lake

On May 7, 1998 The Lake was stocked with 650 Bass, 2-3 inches long; 3,000 Bluegill, 1-2 inches long; 600 Channel Catfish, 4-6 inches long. Eastern Illinois Sportsmen Club donated the fish at a cost of $1,067.50.

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