The New Oblong Lake

On the following pages you will see many photos of the
Oblong Lake Project form start to almost complete. It will never be complete, as they are always doing something to improve it.

The Dedication Wall







August 26, 1998
The Dedication Wall weighing 5,500 pounds was set in place by a large crane donated by Mike Munson. The polished black granite wall, eleven feet long and four feet high, was prepared by Pyramid Marble & Granite of Effingham owned by Barry Brandt. Five granite boulders were also placed around the wall each weighing approximately 650 pounds.

August 27, 1998
Meiszner Landscape & Design, owned by Chris and Shandi Meiszner, landscaped the area around the wall with shrubs, flowers, mulch, and large rocks(which had been removed from the Lake). Waldrop Masonry, owned by Larry Waldrop, had the two brick columns built at the ends of the Wall. All this work and design was donated for the Lake Project.

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