Village of Oblong

June 2nd., 2010 Minutes


The Village of Oblong Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010, in the Farley Room of the Municipal Building.

Members Mayor Randy Rich, Clerk Ladora Boyd, Trustee Rick Catt, Trustee Joe

Present: Campanella, Trustee Rick Houdasheldt, Trustee Ken Russell, Trustee Tony Madlem, Trustee Debi Wilson and Treasurer Jan Miller.

Others Police Chief Chad Pusey, Public Works Superintendent Gary Lanter and Tom

Present: Compton (Daily News).

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Rich.

2. The Regular Board Meeting minutes of May 5th, 2010, were approved with a motion by Debi and a second by Tony. All ayes; motion carried.

3. There were two additions to the agenda this month.

First addition to the agenda was a request from Wal*Mart to use the 4-way stop on June 26th, from 8 am to 12 pm (Noon) for donations towards Children’s Miracle Network. Board granted the request.

Second addition to the agenda was calls about trees in the right-of-ways. The first tree is located on property on the southeast corner of East Indiana Street and South Taylor Street; the second tree is located on property on the northwest corner of West Indiana Street and South Adams Street in the alleyway; and the third tree located on property on the northwest corner at South Adams Street and West Oklahoma Street. It was decided to have the Street/Alley Committee look at the trees and make a recommendation to the Board at the next meeting.

4. There were no water bill customers at the meeting this month.

5. Motion by Rick H., with a second by Debi, to adopt Ordinance #2010-O-532 “Prevailing Wage Ordinance”. All ayes; motion carried.

6. Randy stated that all the yards of the properties that were discussed last month

have been mowed. Randy showed the trustees pictures of some of the properties. There was some discussion about the property at 210 West Ohio Street and that there has not been any progress by the owner. There was some discussion on how the Board wants to proceed on the property. Tony stated that he had talked with Pat Schofield (Palestine’s Mayor) and they are doing the same thing as Hutsonville is. That is to make arrangement with the property owner(s) to sign over the property to the respective Village. The Board decided if the property owner was willing to turn the property over to the Village; then the property owner(s) would have to pay for a title search before turning the property over to the Village. It was decided that Randy and Tony or whoever is available to go ahead and approach the property owner(s). Randy asked about interest on non-payment from property owner(s); when the Village has paid for the demolition of buildings. Rick C. stated that it would have to be stated on the contract before the property owner(s) signed.

7. Under Mayor’s Comments:

1. Randy stated that the Village had received a letter from Illinois Environmental Protection Agency dated May 21st, 2010, stating that an engineering evaluation of the Oblong Public Water Supply has been completed by Engineer Matthew Talbert. Based on this evaluation, no sanitary or operational deficiencies are apparent with the Oblong Public Water Supply. There was one maintenance suggestion made that the Village establish a scheduled inspection program for the elevated tank so that maintenance on the steel tank is performed as warranted. Steel tanks should be examined at a maximum of 5 year intervals dependent on the findings of the previous inspection.

2. Randy stated that he had received a letter from Veolia inviting him and the Oblong Officials to visit the landfill for a tour on June 11th, from 9 am to 2 pm with a light lunch served from 11 am – 1 pm.

8. Reports of Committees:

A. Police: Joe read the monthly report for May. Joe stated that Chad was involved with the Mutual Aid DUI Task Force over the Memorial Day weekend. There was some routine maintenance done on both squad cars last month. There was some discussion on increasing the amount of the penalty from $75 to $100. The Board was in agreement to increase the amount by ordinance at next month’s meeting.

B. Building and Park: Debi stated that there will be a committee meeting next week in regards to repair work to be done on the municipal building. Debi also stated that Gary is still looking into new lighting for the walking path.

C. Sidewalks and Lights: Rick H. stated that the new light poles for the downtown area are here. Randy stated that there has been an issue raised about the lights’ illuminations. There may be a chance that the Village will need to put up 2 or 3 more lights in the downtown area. Rick stated that the electrician will probably be ready to start working next week. Rick stated that any sidewalk projects will be in the fall.

D. Street and Alley: Tony stated that the MFT Bid Letting will be June 21st at 10 am in the Farley Room for chip and seal.

E. Water and Sewer: Ken stated that the work on the Northeast Water Loop Project is progressing slowly due to the rains.

F. Finance: Rick C. stated that Jan and Ladora will be attending the SECICTA Meeting on June 10th in Effingham. Rick also stated that Jan will be attending training on June 14th and 15th.

G. Development: Tony stated that the Developer for Dollar General has broken ground for the new store. Randy stated that the Village is working on the water and sewer line and hook-ups. There will be a meeting sometime next week.

9. Motion by Joe, with a second by Rick C., to pay the bills that were on the warranty list and any utility bills, bills that will incur a late charge or reimbursements to employees. All ayes, motion carried.

10. There were no other items of business this month.

11. Motion by Rick C., with a second by Rick H., to adjourn the meeting at 7:49 pm.

All ayes, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Ladora C. Boyd