Village of Oblong

April 6, 2011 Meeting

April 6th, 2011


The Village of Oblong Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011, in the Farley Room of the Municipal Building.

MembersPresent: Mayor Randy Rich, Clerk Ladora Boyd, Trustee Rick Catt, Trustee Joe Campanella, Trustee Rick Houdasheldt, Trustee Ken Russell, Trustee Tony Madlem, Trustee Debi Wilson and Treasurer Jan Miller.

Others Present: Public Works Superintendent Gary Lanter, Police Chief Chad Pusey, Tom Compton (Daily News), Chris Forde (WTYE/WTAY) and JJ Aten (Oblong Gem).

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Rich.

2. The Regular Board Meeting minutes of March 2nd. 2011 were approved with a motion by Joe and a second by Ken. All ayes; motion carried.

3. There were no additions or deletions to the agenda this month.

4. There were no water bill customers at the meeting this month.

5. Rick C. mentioned that there had been some money budgeted for donations to the Crawford County Spay/Neuter Foundation. He stated that he felt $250 a quarter would be a good amount for the donation. Motion by Rick C., with a second by Tony, to give $250 a quarter to the foundation. All ayes, motion carried.

6. Randy stated that the Village had received a letter from the Eastern Illinois Sportsmen’s Club requesting to use the Park on June 4th, from 9 am to 11:30 am for a fishing rodeo. The rodeo is for kids up to 15 years of age. The Board granted the request.

7. Randy wanted to thank the department heads for their work on the budget figures for the working budget. Rick C. also, wanted to thank Gary, Chad, Jan and Ladora for their work on the budget figures. Randy stated that the total amount for the 2011-2012 Working Budget is $1,136,176.77; this figure includes some Capital Outlay Items. Motion by Rick C., with a second by Joe, to adopt the 2011-2012 Working Budget. Roll Call votes as follows: Ayes – Rick C., Joe, Rick H., Ken, Tony, Debi. Motions carried.

8. Randy stated that the total amount for the appropriations is $1,545,420. Motion by Tony, with a second by Debi, to adopt Ordinance #2011-O-535 “Appropriation Ordinance”. Roll Call votes as follows: Ayes – Rick C., Joe, Rick H., Ken, Tony, Debi. Motions carried.

9. Randy stated that the amount for the MFT resolution is $60.000. Motion by Rick H., with a second by Tony, to adopt Resolution #2011-R-2 “A Resolution for Maintenance of Streets and Highways by Municipality Under the Illinois Highways Code”. Roll Call votes as follows: Ayes – Rick C., Joe, Rick H., Ken, Tony, Debi. Motions carried.

10. Under Mayor’s Comments:
A. Randy stated that the Village Spring Clean-Up is April 21st, for all paid-up Republic customers. He also stated that Republic will only pick-up bagged, boxed and/or bundled; plus one appliance per household. They will not pick-up yard waste, paint cans or vehicle parts.

B. Randy stated that WTW Salvage will be in Oblong on April 22nd, from 7 am to 7 pm, to collect any scrap metal, appliances, etc. There is a fee for computer monitors and TVs. They will not pick-up or take garbage, tires, combustibles, chemicals, paint, furniture, box springs and mattresses, etc. Randy stated that there will be a central drop-off located at the Village lot at South Grant Street and East Kentucky Street.

C. Randy stated that the Police Department will start issuing warning on April 11th, for accumulated trash/garbage. If the problem is not taken care of, the police department will start issuing tickets.

D. The Village has contracted with MidAmerican Energy for two years on electric supply rates.

E. Randy mentioned that some residents have been receiving letters HomeServe about water service line coverage. Gary stated that he has received some calls from water bill customers about the letters, also. Chad stated that he would check to make sure this is not a scam.

F. Randy stated that the Village has received a letter from MediaCom stating that there is going to be a rate increase for MediaCom customers on or about May 1, 2011.

G. Randy stated that the Revolving Loan that was approved at last month’s Board Meeting will not be issued due to problems with other financing. Randy stated that there was another loan request turned in.

11. Reports of Committees:

Police: Joe read the March Monthly Report. Joe stated Chad has Sniper Training April 25-29, in Springfield at the Police Academy. Joe stated that the Village did not receive the grant which would have helped purchase a new squad car for the department. Joe mentioned that there will be a K-9 Demonstration by the Sheriff’s and Robinson Police Departments on April 30, for the Boy Scouts.

B. Building and Park: Debi stated that all the lights are working along the walking pathway around the lake at the park. It was mention that the roof on the Municipal Building has been looked at and that there have been some minor repairs done, hopefully this will take care of some of the problems, if not will need to look at possibly reroofing.

C. Sidewalks and Lights: Rick H. stated that the new trash cans and planters have been received and placed uptown. He wanted to thank the Oblong Community Service Club for their donation towards the purchase of the planters. Rick stated that the Oblong High School FFA Club is going to fill the planters later on. Rick stated that there will be a committee meeting on Monday, April 11th, at 8 am. It was mentioned that there are some problems with parking on Main Street since the construction has been finished. Gary stated that as soon as the weather warms up enough the curbs will be painted, which should take care of the problems.

D. Street and Alley: Tony wanted to thank Gary for his work on the budget.

E. Water and Sewer: Ken stated that the easements for Extension 9 & 10 are almost all done. Gary mentioned that his department will be flushing hydrants on April 11 thru 15.

F. Finance: Rick stated that everything had already been taken care of earlier in the meeting.

G. Development: Tony stated that there was nothing to report at this time.

12. Motion by Rick H., with a second by Ken, to pay the bills that were on the
warranty list and any utility bills, bills that will incur a late charge or reimbursements to employees. Five (5) ayes, motion carried.

13. There were no other items of business this month.

14. Motion by Rick C., with a second by Rick H., to adjourn the meeting at 7:29 pm.
All ayes, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted


Ladora C. Boyd