Village of Oblong

November 2, 2011


The Village of Oblong Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011, in the Farley Room of the Municipal Building.

Members Present: Mayor Randy Rich, Clerk Ladora Boyd, Trustee Joe Campanella, Trustee Rick Houdasheldt, Trustee Ken Russell, Trustee Tony Madlem, Trustee Debi Wilson and Treasurer Jan Miller.
Absent: Trustee Rick Catt.
Others Present: Public Works Superintendent Gary Lanter, Police Chief Chad Pusey, Chris Forde (WTYE/WTAY), JJ Aten (Oblong Gem), Tom Compton (Daily News), Ron Smith, Rose Smith and Daniel Fritchie.

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Rich.

2. The Regular Board Meeting minutes of October 5th, 2011 were approved with a motion by Joe and a second by Tony. Five (5) ayes; motion carried.

3. There was one addition to the agenda this month. Ron Smith asked to address the Board.

4. There were no water bill customers at the meeting this month.

5. Nick Hinterscher came to the Board Meeting to request that the taverns be allowed to stay open until 1 am, with last call at 12:30 pm, on Wednesday before Thanks-giving. There was some discussion before the vote. Motion by Tony, with a second Rick H., to allow the taverns to stay open until 1 am, with last call at 12:30 pm, on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Ayes: Joe, Rick H., Tony, Debi.

6. James Bruner came before the Board to ask the Village Board if he and Jerry Ballow could get a contract to pick-up scrap metal and appliances during the Spring and Fall Clean-ups. Mr. Bruner also stated that he would be willing to pick-up items weekly or by weekly bases. There was some discussion about the weekly pick-up and wither to establish a central drop-off area or not. Randy asked if Mr. Bruner had liability insurance. Mr. Bruner stated that he did have liability insurance. The Board felt it would not be good to have a central drop-off area because there is a possibility that there would be unwanted items dropped off. The Board decided that people could contact the Village Office and be put on a list that Mr. Bruner could pick-up once a week. Mr. Bruner gave his contact information to Jan.

7. Randy stated that the VFW Post #4549 had called to ask permission to use the 4-way stop on November 5th from 8 am to 12 pm (noon) to hand out poppies. Motion by Joe, with a second by Tony, to allow the VFW Post #4549 to use the 4-way stop on November 5th, to pass out poppies from 8 am to noon. Five (5) ayes, motion carried.

8. Ron Smith came before the Board to request that he be able to become a Village Water Customer. He stated that he had talked with Gary and also with Connor & Connor about getting city water. Mr. Smith has said that he is willing to pay for the materials to install a water main to his property located three-tenths of a mile west of 300E on 1400N, if the Village provides the labor; but he has not signed a contract yet. Randy stated that his understanding is that there is something lined up but that there are a few other jobs ahead of Mr. Smith.

9. Under Mayor’s Comments: A. Randy stated that the Village had received a “Thank You” card from the Larry Lorance Family for the floral arrangement sent.

B. Randy stated that he had talked with John LeFever. John stated that he had met with a Steve Rivers; an engineer with Ameren CIPS, there is an issue with the size of the generator, so the Village needs a larger generator for the 3 phase. This means that John has to get a new quote for the larger generator. Randy stated that he would bring the new figures to the next Board Meeting.

C. Randy stated that the Village has received this year’s IML/Risk Management Bill/Contribution in the amount of $38,521, which is about $3,000 higher than last years.

D. Randy stated that the speaker system was up and running last Saturday during Fall Follies until there was a problem with feedback during the parade, which caused the fuses to blow. Randy stated that he had spoken with John Provine and that John has talked with the speaker manufacturer and they have solved that issue. The manufacturer says that the system will need bigger fuses and some changes need to be made to the microphone/system. Randy stated that there is a 5-year in-house warranty with Kemp on the speaker system. Randy stated that possibly there will be Christmas music playing by Friday, November 4th. Randy stated that he had been contacted by a gentleman that would like to meet with the Board to discuss the possibility of selling and recording advertising spots to be played on the sound system after the problems have been corrected.

E. Randy mentioned that he is still working on getting a meeting set-up with the gentleman about the possibility of the Village joining the National Flood Insurance Program. Randy is hoping to get a meeting set-up for this month sometimes.

F. Randy stated that the Village had received a letter from MediaCom about some changes with digital programming.

10. Reports of Committees:
A. Police: Joe read the monthly report for October. Joe stated that Chad will have Current Trends Drug training on November 20thin Mattoon. Joe stated that the Police Department collected over 70 lbs. in prescription drugs on Saturday, October 29th. Chad stated that this will be done every six months. Joe stated that the Police Department had only received two bids from other police departments on the 2007 Squad Car. The bids were from Newton Police Department for $9,000 and Coles County Sheriff’s Department for $12,000. Motion by Joe, with a second by Debi, to accept the bid from Coles County Sheriff’s Department for the 2007 Squad Car. Five (5) ayes, motion carried.

B. Building and Park: Debi stated that she had nothing to report this month.

C. Sidewalks and Lights: Rick H. stated that weather permitting the last two sidewalk projects will be finished this month sometime.

D. Street and Alley: Tony stated that he had nothing to report this month. Gary stated that the Leaf Vac will be running this month on Monday to pick-up raked loose leaves. He stated that if the leaves are bagged or boxed they will be pick-up on most work days. The citizens must call in to be put on the list for either Leaf Vac or bagged/boxed leaves to the Public Works Office (618-592-3122). Gary stated that earlier this year he had mentioned that a deadline for street signage upgrade is to be December 31st, 2011, but from what Gary has been told the Federal Government is not pushing the deadline date, due to lack of funding to help offset the cost of the signage upgrade. Gary stated that for the past couple of years any stop/yield signs that the Village has had to replace are up to the federal code.

E. Water and Sewer: Ken asked Gary to update the Board on Rural Water Extension #9. Gary stated that the operator permit for Partial A of the extension has been applied for and waiting to receive it. He thinks that in a few weeks the customers in Partial A of the Extension #9 will be able to start hooking onto the Village’s water line.

F. Finance: Randy stated that Rick C. was sick and had asked Randy to take care of Christmas Bonuses for the employees, since the December Meeting is after the first pay in December. The Christmas Bonuses are put on the first pay of December. Randy stated that Rick said that the Christmas Bonus was budgeted for the same amount as last year, which was $115 for Full-Time employees and $85 for Part-Time employees. Motion by Rick H., with a second by Ken, to give Christmas Bonuses in the amounts of $115 for Full-Time employees and $85 for Part-Time employees. Five (5) ayes, motion carried.

G. Development: Randy stated that there was nothing to report this month.

11. Motion by Tony, with a second by Joe, to pay the bills that were on the warranty list and any utility bills, bills that will incur a late charge or reimbursements to employees. Five (5) ayes, motion carried.

12. There were two other items of business this month. Rick H. wanted to thank everyone who helped out with making Fall Follies go smoothly. Ken stated that there was a suggestion made about possibility having extra lighting along the parade route due to the fact that there are dark place along the route. There was a mutual feeling of the Board to look into the matter for next year’s Halloween Parade.

13. Motion by Rick H., with a second by Tony, to adjourn the meeting at 7:34 pm.
Five (5) ayes, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted


Ladora C. Boyd