Village of Oblong

Minutes for August 1, 2012 Meeting


August 1st, 2012

The Village of Oblong Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012, in the Farley Room of the Municipal Building.

Members Present: Mayor Randy Rich, Clerk Ladora Boyd, Trustee Rick Houdasheldt, Trustee Ken Russell, Trustee Tony Madlem, Trustee Debi Wilson and Treasurer Jan Miller.
Absent: Trustee Rick Catt and Trustee Joe Campanella.
Others Present: Police Chief Chad Pusey, Public Works Superintendent Gary Lanter, Tom Compton (Daily News), Chris Forde (WTYE/WTAY), Cindy McReynolds, JJ Aten (Oblong Gem) and Javier Barrios (Good Energy).

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Rich.

2. The Regular Board Meeting minutes of July 11th, 2012 were approved with a motion by Tony and a second by Ken. Four (4) ayes, motion carried.

3. There were no additions or deletions to the agenda this month.

4. There was one water bill customer at the meeting this month. Cindy McReynolds came before the Board to request an extension on her water bill until Friday, August 3rd, 2012. The Board granted her request.

5. Javier Barrios (Good Energy) came before the Board to inform them on the Community Energy Aggregation Program and how it works. There was some discussion on this issue.

The Board decided to go ahead and do the resolution to put the aggregation referendum on the November Ballot. Motion by Ken, with a second by Debi, to adopt Resolution #2012-R-5 “A Resolution for the Submission to the Electors of the Village of Oblong, Crawford County, the Question Whether the Village of Oblong Should Have the Authority Under Public Act 096-0176 to Arrange for the Supply of Electricity for the Village for Its Residential and Small Commercial Retail Customers Who Have Not Opted Out of Such Program”. Four (4) ayes, motion carried.

The Board also decided to enter into an agreement with Good Energy to have them handle the marketing and to educate the voters about the aggregation referendum. Motion by Ken, with a second by Rick H., to enter into an agreement with Good Energy. Four (4) ayes, motion carried.

6. Motion by Rick H., with a second by Tony, to adopt Resolution #2012-R-3
“Halloween Parade Permit”. Four (4) ayes, motion carried. Ken asked if the Board minded him looking into getting some portable lighting for some of the darker parts of the parade route. The Board granted his request. Randy asked if it would be alright for him to speak with Mr. Rilden to line-up a back-up speaker system in case the wireless system fails. The Board granted his request.

7. Motion by Trustee Madlem, with a second by Trustee Wilson, to adopt Resolution #2012-R-4 “Homecoming Parade”. Four (4) ayes, motion carried.

8. Mayor’s Comments:
a. Mayor Rich mentioned that Chris Papageorge called to invite the Board to a “Meet and Greet” at Quail Creek on Friday (8/3/2012) from 5:30 to 6:30 pm for Steven McGlynn, who is running for Appellate Court

b. Mayor Rich stated that the Village had received a check from United Healthcare for $1,536.96. This rebate is required by the Affordable Care Act (the Health Reform Act), which is based on medical loss ratio. The amount will go towards the next health insurance premium payment.

c. Mayor Rich stated that the Oblong Community Service Club had made a donation, which offsets the price of one of the new sofas in the Activity Center.

9. Reports of Committees:

A.Police: Chad stated that the Board had a copy of the monthly report for July, 2012. Chad stated that there is no training sessions this month.

B.Building and Park: Debi stated that the Village could get a grant for $2,808.00 for materials to change the T-12 light fixtures to T-8s, which are more energy efficient. Debi stated that since the lake is down some Gary and his employees will be able to do some preventative maintenance for around $1,000.00. Debi stated that hopefully by next month the Village will have a cost on the generator.

C.Sidewalks and Lights: Rick H. stated that he had nothing to report this month.

D.Street and Alley: Tony stated that he had received an e-mail from John Stone with an estimate on the cost of the North Range Project. The estimated cost to go from the North Village Limits south to Nebraska Street would be $270,000.00. There was also an estimated amounted for additional footage of $360.00-$365.00/per foot. There was some discussion on possibly extending south to Iowa Street, which would probably take care of 80% of the issues with North Range Street. The estimated cost would be $394,100.00. Ken suggested that the Finance Committee look at the figures and discuss how much the Village can afford. Tony asked that he be allowed to sit in during the Finance meeting. Gary stated that the Oblong Chamber of Commerce would like to have the same route as last year for 5K run during Fall Follies. The Board granted the request.

E.Water and Sewer: Ken stated that there has not been any restriction put on water usage at this time. Tony brought up the fact that the pumps that the Village has to use when there is a major water leak cannot pump the water out fast enough. He suggested that Gary get some quotes for a large pump and bring them back to the Water/Sewer Committee.

F.Finance: Jan stated that at the next SECICTA Meeting there will be a speaker on Debt Recovery. Jan also mentioned that she has made the adjustments and transfers that the Auditors had sent her and she is working with Jodi on the password protections. Randy stated that the Bid Letters for the interest on the Village’s checking account will go out this month and will open them at next months meeting.

G. Development: Tony stated that there was nothing to report this month.

10. Motion by Trustee Russell, with a second by Trustee Madlem, to pay the bills that were on the warranty list and any utility bills, bills that will incur a late charge or reimburse-ments to employees. Four (4) ayes, motion carried.

11. There were two other items of business this month. Randy stated that he wanted to thank the people who have been watering the planters at the 4-way stop. Randy also mentioned that Gary and him had received an e-mail from Ameren about EPA Clean Air Regulations and that 3 of Ameren’s power plants are affected. There is a possibility that the Newton Power Plant will need to shut down unless the EPA will extend that timeline for completion of changes to bring the power plants up to code. Randy stated that he will keep the Board updated on the situation.

12. Motion by Trustee Houdasheldt, with a second by Trustee Madlem, to adjourn the meeting at 8:23 pm. Four (4) ayes, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted


Ladora C. Boyd