Village of Oblong
May 3, 2023

The Village of Oblong Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023, in the Farley Room of the Municipal Building.

Members Present: Mayor Teresa K. Fielder, Deputy Clerk Jan Miller, Trustee Jay Haines, Trustee Carrie Hays, and Trustee Dave Hasty, Ladora Boyd Clerk was absent.
Other Present: Public Works Superintendent Gary Lanter, Amanda Miller, Grace and Westin Miller, Charlie Miller, Carolyn Songer and Debbie Gangloff, Terry “Toad” Ochs and Jennifer Ochs, Jon, Terra, Emma, and Easton Conat; Ashley, Ava, Alivia Christman, Myrna Webber, Keith Waldrop, Jerry Snider, and Resa Shaner.

• The meeting was called to order at 5 pm by the Mayor. Teresa asked everyone to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag.

• Treasurer Jan Miller swore in newly elected board members Amanda, Toad and Jerry.

• The Regular Board Meeting Minutes of April 5th, 2023, were approved with a motion by Carrie, with a second by Dave. All ayes, motioned carried.

• There were no Additions or Deletions to the agenda this month.

• Teresa asked if there was any one in the audience that wanted to comment on anything that was on this month’s agenda. There were no public comments made.

• There were no Delinquent Water Bill customers this month.

• Myrna Webber addressed the board on the placement of a Memorial Bench, which she had purchased last fall, in memory of her mother, Bonnie Finn. Bonnie was a Village Trustee from November 5, 1997 to April, 2007. There was discussion on the subject as she was going to hire and pay a private contractor to complete the placement of the bench. Terry made a suggestion of paying for half the cost, but Myrna said she would pay to have the project completed as she knew the Public Works Department was very busy. Motion from Amanda, and a second from Terry, to allow Myrna permission to place the bench. Myrna said she would touch base with Gary for placement.

• Dave made a motion to adopt a Policy for Attempting to Collect Delinquent Final Water and Sewer Bills in conjunction with the Illinois Debt Recovery Program, with a second from Jay, all ayes. The Policy was discussed at the April meeting and presented for vote this month.

• Jay made a motion, with a second from Carrie to adopt Ordinance #2023-0-637, our annual “Appropriation Ordinance”, all ayes.

• Amanda made a motion, second from Jerry, to Adopt Resolution #2023-R-5 “A Resolution of the Village of Oblong Adopting Civility Pledge”, all ayes, motion carried.

• Motion to adopt Resolution #2023-R-6, “ Resolution for Maintenance of Street and Highways by Municipality Under the Illinois Highway Code”, motion by Toad, second by Carrie, all ayes.
• Reviewed the Oblong TIF District III Redevelopment Plan put forth by Moran Economic Development.
• Motion by Dave, second by Amanda, Ordinance #2023-0-638, “An Ordinance to set Date for a Public hearing for the Village of Oblong Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Plan and Project”, All ayes, motion carried. Date of July 5, 2023 at 4:30, prior to the July Board Meeting at 5 pm.
• Proposed Village electric rates from Good Energy for Village accounts were reviewed. Jay made a motion to give authority to Teresa to speak with Good Energy and to lock in the price and timeline our broker suggests. Second by Jerry, all ayes, motion carried.
(Teresa spoke with Javier Barrios Thursday morning. Based on the proposal, it is recommended Oblong sign a 24 month term with Homefield Energy for the Lighting accounts and the Municipal accounts (DS2 & DS5). Javier will email these proposals to Teresa for signatures).

Mayor’s Comments:
• Teresa welcomed all the newly elected and returning board members.
• Approval of TIF Grant for an awning for Floyd’s Place, $3,500, motion by Carrie, second from Jay, all ayes, motion carried.
• Approval of TIF Grant for power washing and painting to the exterior of Mildred’s, $3,500, motion by Dave, second from Carrie, all ayes. Motion carried.
• Proclamation for Municipal Clerk & Deputy Clerk’s week, May 1-7, 2023.
• Teresa stated that Oblong will have our first electronic/appliance recycle event on Saturday, May 27th, 8 am – 11 am. There will be a list of acceptable items, and the fees for each item posted on the Mayor’s Facebook page.
• May Hometown Pride Award Winner: Kid’s Kingdom Daycare
• Pusey Lawsuit: Nothing new to report.
Reports of Committees:
• Police - (Jay, Dave, & Carrie) Jay said they were still working on the removal of the K9 cages from the 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe and the 2017 Ford Explorer. Colton is going to approach another individual that is qualified to complete the project.
• Building & Park - (Carrie, Toad, & Amanda) Nothing this month to report.
• Sidewalks & Lights - (Toad. Jerry & Amanda) Nothing this month to report.
• Street & Alley - (Jerry, Jay, & Toad) Gary is going to schedule a committee meeting to go over the northwest drainage situation, meeting will be scheduled when all parties can meet.
• Water & Sewer - (Dave, Carrie, & Jerry) Dave said they would be flushing hydrants May 15 – 19. Gary will get with Teresa for her to post the particulars on the Mayor’s Facebook page.
• Finance - (Amanda, Dave, & Jay) The Annual Audit with Kemper is scheduled for May 22 - 26 in the Farley room.
• Development – (Dave, Jerry, & Bill Burke) Bill is the consultant for Real Estate.
• Ad Hoc (Beautification, Unsafe Buildings & Ordinances) No meeting in April, and the next Ad Hoc Meeting is set for Wednesday, May 31 at 3:30 pm.
• Motion by Jay, with a second by Jerry to pay the bills that were on the Warranty List and any utility bills, bills that will incur a late fee or reimbursements to employees-AC renters-Water Customers. All ayes, motion carried.

• Motion by Carrie, with a second by Toad to adjourn the meeting 5:59 pm. All ayes, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Jan Miller, Treasurer and Deputy Clerk