The mission of the Oblong Public Works Department is to
provide the highest quality, most efficient, cost effective
services to the residents and the surrounding community of the Village of Oblong.

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The Public Works Department is one of the most visible departments within the Village government, yet people are unaware of the operations that Public Works performs. It is important to understand what Public Works does and how they work for the Village and its citizens.

There are four divisions within the Oblong Public Works Department: Water Division, Sewer Division, Street & Alley Division and Building & Parks Division. Each performs public service functions that are essential to the daily lives of Oblong residents.

Questions about any area of Public Works can be answered by contacting the:
Village of Oblong Public Works office at 618-592-3122.
Our office is located at 202 South Range St., in Oblong.
Our office hours are 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday Through Friday

For after hours-emergency calls, dial 618-592-3122 and follow the recorded instructions.

Public Works Department Objectives

The Oblong Public Works Department is constantly evaluating processes and procedures. Projects that the Village cannot handle efficiently are contracted out to private businesses; however, other times department personnel can perform certain tasks at a lower cost than outside companies. This balance produces the most efficient type of operation, thereby keeping costs at a minimum. In turn, this means fewer tax increases, and lower water and sewer rates for the citizens of Oblong. The Public Works Department is working for you by ensuring quality living for Oblong and its surrounding community.

Public Works Department Divisions

Water Division: The Oblong Public Water Supply has approximately 1150 customers. The Department maintains over 42 miles of water main lines, and 116 fire hydrants. The system has one 250,000 gallon storage tank, and pumps an average of 125,000 gallons per day. Treated water is purchased from the Robinson-Palestine Water Commission and Hardinville Water Company . More information about our water can be found in the annual consumer confidence report, which is available at our office.

Sewer Division: The Oblong sewer system has approximately 750 customers. The department maintains over 11 ½ miles of main lines, 3 lift stations and the wastewater treatment facility which consists of a 2 cell lagoon system (7 acre primary & 4 ½ acre secondary).

Street & Alley Division: The department is responsible for maintenance of over 13 ½ mile of streets. Other services include installation and maintenance of driveway culverts and ditches, storm sewer cleaning and repair, sidewalk maintenance and repairs, sign maintenance, storm cleanup, fall leaf pick up and snow removal.

Building & Parks Division: The department is responsible for the maintenance of the Oblong Park and Lake.Non-motorized watercraft are permitted on the lake with a landing off Ohio Street at the Southwest corner of the lake. The park covers approximately 20 acres which include the 6 ½ acre lake. The park includes playgrounds, 3 covered shelters, 2 restroom facilities (1 with showers), camping facilities, sand volleyball and pickle ball court, and over ½ mile of paved and lighted walkway around the lake. The department also maintains the building and grounds of the Oblong Municipal Building, the downtown mini park and the Ray & Alberta Atkins Memorial Park.


Gary Lanter, Superintendent
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Gary has been employed by the Village of Oblong for over 40 years, the last 27 as superintendent. He has an IEPA class D Water Supply Operator certification, an IEPA class 4 Wastewater Operator Certification and has logged many hours of continuing education. He is responsible for regulatory compliance as well as managing all aspects of the department. He also spends as much time as possible working with the crew on various projects.

Travis Smith, Assistant Superintendent

Travis has been employed by the Village of Oblong for over 26 years.He has an IEPA class D Water Supply Operator certification and is currently pursuing wastewater certification. Aside from foreman of the crew and filling in when the superintendent is away, his duties include being the main equiptment operator.

Dale Davis, Office Manager

Dale has been employed by the Village of Oblong for over 29 years. As Office Manager, she handles a multitude of tasks including Water and Sewer billing and record keeping and handling customer requests and complaints. She also assists the superintendent with clerical responsibilities.

Jason Garrard, Utility Technician/Meter Reader

Jason has been employed by the Village of Oblong for over 29 years. He is the primary water meter reader for the department, assists as a utility technician, fills in at the office when needed and mows at the park and lake.

Paula Myers, Grounds Keeper/Landscaper

Paula has held this part-time position for over 21 years. She maintains the landscaping at the park and lake and several other areas around town. She also maintains the picnic shelters and restrooms at the park, as well as filling in for the custodian at the municipal building, and helps out with other special projects within the department.

Byron Sanders, Custodian/Grounds Keeper

Byron has been the custodian at the municipal building for over 22 years. He also helps maintain the grounds at the parks and assists the utility crew with special projects as needed.

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