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During the period of May 20, 2002 to June 2, 2002, the Oblong Police Dept participated in the nationwide campaign to enforce the use of safety seatbelts.
The result of the enforcement is as follows:
19 Driver/Passenger Seatbelt Violations were issued,
4 Child Restraint Violations were issued,
and 16 other violations were issued including Speeding and Uninsured vehicles.
The majority of people in the community had their seatbelts on, especially the younger drivers. I believe with the continued cooperation of drivers and the responsibility of the passengers in vehicles, we can reduce our fatality rate lower than it is now.
I also saw that there are a lot of responsible parents out there that care enough about their children to take the extra 2 minutes and secure their children in Child Safety Seats. That alone makes the roadway a safer place for the young and a higher survival rate if there is a vehicle crash. I wish to remind all drivers, young and older, that we are still watching for those seatbelts, especially child restraint violators. I want to do my part in saving lives. Yes, people get upset when they get a ticket, but yet if you think about it, we may be doing you a favor.
The next time when you get into your vehicle, stop and think about what could happen just after you actually take off. You never know what the other driver is going to do or if the other driver has been consuming alcohol or other intoxicated drugs.
So, if you do your part and BUCKLE UP, you too can help reduce the number of driver and passenger fatalities across the United States. I also want to thank each and every driver for their continued effort to BUCKLE UP!

Chad E. Pusey
Chief of Police